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Wage Protection

Welcome to the Wage Protection System Service in Saudi Arabia

As part of Knowledge Solutions ongoing efforts to enhance workers' rights and ensure financial justice, we introduce to you the comprehensive Wage Protection System in Saudi Arabia. This system aims to provide a fair and sustainable work environment through a set of advanced policies and mechanisms. Etmaam facilitates salary raising services starting from coordinating with the bank for its clients, opening bank accounts for institutions and companies, then expediting the activation of wage protection system agreements, thereafter opening accounts for its employees, requesting salary cards, and then raising salary files in the banking systems and the Ministry of Human Resources. The procedures we adopt aim to save time and reduce the errors associated with the salary raising process, as we carry out a mechanism for auditing, inspecting, and automatically detecting errors.

Benefits of the Wage Protection System with Knowledge Solutions

To ensure establishments' compliance with the Wage Protection System, we follow a meticulous auditing process for salary files before submitting them to the bank, compared with the data recorded with the Social Insurance. We expedite the processing of any remarks to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and ensure clients are familiar with the system through intensive training to avoid any future obstacles. We also provide direct and continuous support after the service is rendered to ensure ongoing compliance and effectiveness.

Wage protection in Saudi Arabia

We provide comprehensive support to ensure full compliance with the Wage Protection System, tailored for all companies in the Saudi market. This includes offering legal, administrative, and financial consultations related to the Wage Protection System, focusing on ensuring the accuracy of wage and social insurance registration processes. We assist companies in achieving transparency and fairness in wage distribution and ensure quick handling of any wage protection-related observations to avoid any delays or potential penalties. Our experts are committed to guiding companies through every step of compliance with the Wage Protection System, from initial registration to ongoing and effective compliance. We emphasize the importance of continuous training and education on the Wage Protection System to ensure companies face no future challenges or obstacles, providing ongoing support to maintain a stable and fair work environment in accordance with Saudi laws.

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