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Our work aims to innovate ideas and attract cadres that represent the highest standards of excellence in providing professional service with the highest possible quality and enabling everyone who contributes to continuous growth.

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The premier provider of business services in the Kingdom, setting new standards of excellence.

To become the ideal strategic partner for aspiring companies and institutions in the Kingdom, by providing comprehensive and innovative financial, legal, and administrative solutions that enhance their competitiveness and expansion.

We are committed to providing integrated financial, legal and administrative services that meet the needs of companies and institutions with high efficiency. We seek to achieve mutual success with our customers through attention to detail, innovation, and professionalism in everything we offer, relying on a team of highly experienced specialists in each field.

A company established in 2020 in the field of business services and direct support for the business sector. It provides comprehensive and quick guidance and solutions to all problems of institutions and companies, as it has a qualified work team that develops systematic plans based on which solutions are expedited. This company also takes care of training cadres and qualifying them for establishments in general.

What We offer?

Investor services

Our team specializes in helping foreign investors go through the process of obtaining a license in Saudi Arabia, from application to the necessary documents
Access to ongoing support.

Electronic services management

Facilitating the completion and submission of transactions via electronic platforms, as we have specialists with more than two decades of experience in the mechanism of implementing and conducting government and private sector transactions.

Establishing companies

Superior experience in establishing companies, as we have many years of experience in providing company establishment services with high professionalism in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Saudi Arabia.


We are keen to prove and document the employer’s commitment to implementing the wage protection system, which helps him avoid violations of the labor system and issues of labor disputes related to wages.

Legal services

High-level legal services with professional performance that help you make the optimal and most accurate choice to lay the legal foundation for your successes, and provide the best innovative solutions for your needs.

Trademark registration

We provide our professional services in registering trademarks with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property with the aim of protecting these trademarks and preserving them from crimes of forgery, imitation and fraud.

Technical support and marketing

Establishing advanced and effective electronic platforms for all establishments and providing all diverse information and electronic services characterized by a high degree of security, privacy and efficiency.

Consultations and advice

Accurate advice and consultations give a clear and comprehensive picture of the problem, develop appropriate and innovative solutions, and contribute to developing creative ideas and turning them into a tangible reality through development methods.

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A consulting company established in 2020 in the field of business services and direct support for the business sector, providing comprehensive and quick guidance and solutions to all problems of institutions and companies.

If you are looking for speed in performance, accuracy, and complete confidentiality in completing all business services, then Al-Malam Solutions is your ideal choice.

Yes, as Al-Malam Solutions has qualified teams and advanced technical systems to manage this.

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